the incredible, edible rubine (rubine) wrote in girl_cooks,
the incredible, edible rubine


hi - i am turtley new here. i am the jenny, possibly extraordinaire but it depends upon who you're asking.

i am a fairly recent graduate of a culinary arts & sciences program at a little state-run vocational school in alaska. i know i learned an awful lot but i feel a little less-than-confident about my abilities. i am a naturally shy girl already.

i did well in school and my first job after graduation was working in a resort kitchen in denali national park for the summer as a pantry girl. it wasn't crazy-busy all the time but we had our little moments, i.e. "70 japanese tourists? nobody told us about a party of 70 JAPANESE TOURISTS?!".

i've recently relocated to seattle 'cos it seems a better place to look for a starting-out job. i know i can do things on the hot line procedurally but i'm pretty sure i don't have anywhere near the speed i need. i'd like another pantry job and have applied online for various positions in hotels, convention centers, etc.

my question, short-story-long - is - what's the best way to get yo'self a job when you're a wallflower who worries she didn't learn enough in school? suck it up and go pester local chefs? is a walk-in situation better than a calling or e-mailing? any suggestions for activities that will make me feel slightly less than the incompetent i'm feeling right now?
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