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girl_cooks's Journal

Calling All [Girl] Cooks
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I, for one, have piled enough skyscraper salads to be given some consideration. I'm not working my way up the kitchen ladder for my goddamn health. I know all too well the sting of vinegar in an open cut. Oh yes, that salad you're eating as a light appetizer? My bare hands have massaged dressing into every leaf. Lettuce loves me. But I've got ambition and, I don't mind saying, a decent palate. I want to the The Chef. And the only way to do this is by becoming the greatest cook I can be. Which means kicking ass on the line, not just salads and desserts. These are my hopes. These are my dreams.
_______Hannah McCouch, Girl Cook

This is a community strictly for girl cooks, professional female cooks who understand the pressures of working in a male dominated environment.
Post about your job, recipes, food talk, good and bad restaurants...whatever you want, so long as it relates to food.
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