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FOR: fly by the seat of your pants, heart-attack inducing quiche which is beyond strict definition. (contains bacon and ridiculous amounts of mushrooms)

White buttons
Black trumpets

cut or dice a small handful of each of the above and sautee in enough butter to cover when tossed. cook on medium heat until gently browned. stir often.

in another separate pan, cook 10 strips of bacon until cooked but still tender. set aside on a paper towel. (crumble when dry and cool) in yet another separate pan melt even more butter and wilt two good fistfuls of spinach. but not to death.

combine the spinach, mushrooms, and bacon in a big bowl with 5-7 eggs - roughly enough to mostly cover the first ingredients - and finish with heavy cream. mix with a wooden spoon. pour into a prepared crust(s) but leave a bit of room at the top. (it will rise) whatever's left, toss into one of your pans and cook it up for starving children or guests. top with paprika or chopped herbs (like fresh chives, rosemary and thyme)and bake at 375 degrees for about 35-50 minutes, depending entirely on your oven. it's done when you gently jiggle it and the center doesn't wobble like jello.

if you want to be totally insane, add a nice little ball of purple haze chevre on the top with a sprig of rosemary. drink a big fat cider and ferget yer troubles, laddie.

disclaimer: i have no idea if this nonrecipe is possible if you don't have access to the pike place market every single day of your life. who else has black trumpets right now? and by the way, if anyone charges you more than $19.99 for chanterelles in seattle, you don't need them THAT bad.
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