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shoe advice?

hi missies. i am in desperate need of a new pair of clogs, as the ones i have suck total ass and make my feet hurt. i was wondering if any of y'all could give me recommendations as to what has worked for you. men's shoes aren't cut right for my feet, and my feet are narrow on top of everything. i've got my eye on the dansko women's narrow pro, but does anybody have other suggestions? much appreciated!
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i just use birkenstock clogs and i love them. they've held up great over the past two years. my husband uses crocs. he loves them, too.
i second the birkenstock love. at the last kitchen i worked in about 80% of the staff wore them, and up here at school, about 40% percent of the population wears them. never heard a complaint about them. plus, they can go in the dishwasher!

as for the danskos...some people can wear them, and some cant. it really does just depend on your foot.
yah, being able to run them through the dishwasher is definitely a plus. :)