danielle (superxhightech) wrote in girl_cooks,

how would i go about transforming a bar of baking chocolate into chocolate chips? is it possible?
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sure, with a sturdy serrated knife. a solid bread knife, not a crappy farberware or anything like that. you can saw at it or chop straight down, depending on what kind of texture you'd like. whether or not the chips will produce the desired effect once you cook them is an entirely different question though. good luck! sounds yummy whatever you're making!
Actual chocolate chips contain stabilizers that baking chocolate will not... but if you don't need it to keep its shape, chunks will work just fine. Get thee to a sharp knife and start chipping!
When you say baking chocolate, I hope you're talking about bittersweet or semi-sweet baking chocolate...that unsweetened stuff would just be vile.

But yeah, I've used chopped up chocolate in cookies in a pinch.